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Article Writing Guidelines

Our Writing Guidelines

1. Writing style needs to be in first person as if the writer were a member of the business management team, explaining about their company, product, or service. 

2. Google loves information so be as informative as possible. An informative article is better than a sales pitch writing style.
3. You're writing for search engines and the readers but write for the readers first. We do not use keyword density percentage. Include keywords occasionally and evenly throughout the content. If you stay on topic when you're writing, this should happen naturally. Do not force keywords where they do not sound natural, normally 2-3 times.

4. If you have keywords like, " dentist Summersville WV", please write it like "Dentist in Summersville WV."

5. Be sure you are providing visitors with information that serves a purpose.

6. Proofread before pasting the article into the dashboard. This is VERY important.

7. Content must be unique, original, and not spun. Our platform checks the content once uploaded for duplication, (even from article to article) Duplicate content, keyword-stuffed content, and low-quality content will hurt rankings. Uploading duplicate or spun content will result in immediate dismissal.

8. Refrain from saying "please visit their(our) site, because the content is already on the site. Do not say "this article is about " or "Please read on to find out more" or any variation thereof.

9. Refrain from stating specifics unless its fact. For example "ItWorks Wraps guarantees immediate weight loss". Do not guarantee something unless it is 100% factual. We have lawyers, financial, and doctor sites so they have to be careful about what they promise.

9. If you are having a hard time fitting a keyword(phrase) in writing to where it makes sense, you can break it up to where the words are at least mentioned in the same sentence. However, we want that to be the last resort as it's better to have the keyword(phrases) altogether. The most important thing when doing this is to make sure the content reads smoothly.

10. Sometimes the keywords can be very similar to each other. It can be challenging to make each Content / Article unique. Stay away from saying the same thing over and over again by writing the same thing but in different words.

11. Mobile devices are being used more now than laptops and desktop computers. So we need to cater to those reading on their mobile device by making paragraph lengths between two and three sentences. Use bold subheadings/titles when possible to help readers scan the text.

12. Do not use filler words to meet the 500-word requirement. Google loves to-the-point articles that are filled with information.

13. Focus on using nouns and verbs; use adverbs and adjectives sparingly. Do not use words like “equanimity” or “obfuscate” when words like “calm” or “confuse” will do.

14. This is not required but recommended; Structure your content like an upside-down pyramid. The most important messages go at the top of the page. Make sure to include versions of the target keywords within the first 100 words. Then, gradually drill down to the more specific, supporting information.

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