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Understanding the SEO Network Dashboard

Here's a quick overview of the different panes of information within the SEO Network dashboard

Keyword Content – 

Here you can manage your target keywords as well as add and edit the content for that keyword.

  • If our plugin is installed on your website, the content seen within this view, will be published to your website. 

    • We allow, and encourage logging in to customize these pages to your liking, but only after the initial content is written. 

  • If our plugin is not installed, this is where you will find the articles we write to be manually published to the site. 


Content Sharing – 

View your inbound and outbound link partners and easily disable any link partner you are unhappy with.

  • Whether or not you have the plugin installed, you will receive relevant inbound links from other business sites in the network.

  • If our plugin is installed on your website, you may have outbound links placed on your site to other, relevant sites in the network.

  • When our plugin is installed on your site, however, you are also eligible for full content sharing, which adds a lot of value and "oomph" to any campaign.

Analytics & Reporting – 

Track your progress in the major search engines to see how your campaign is progressing.

  • Here you will find weekly updates on rankings for each keyword in the campaign on all 3 major search engines. 

  • Note: We can only track one TLD at a time here. 

    • Please let us know if you’d like to track something other than 

    • Examples:,, 

Here’s a full list of Google domains by Country: 

Local Citation Builder – 

Simply enter your business contact information and all your partners will display your contact info along with a map of your location.


Social Link Building – 

This function was de-activated in June 2019 as the social media links were bleeding too much link juice. Since our focus is on ranking the domains we work with vs. social media sites associated with those domains, this function was retired. 

We do suggest entering this information regardless, so if/when we do find a good use for these URLs, they will be ready-to-go.

Retired: Add your social links to all your listings, links are built using keyword alt text to help your social media profiles rank.

Updated 8-27-2019

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